Not too long ago Marshall McLuhan said the world was going to become a global village. It sounded like just words in theory until the reality stared us in the face. The world truly has become a global village where anything can be accessed with just a click of the button. We are no longer limited by time or space. In one way or another, we are all connected.

The ease of accessing information has been of utmost advantage to students, learners and researchers all over the world. Gone are the days of slaving over enormous encyclopaedias trying to find materials and information of topics. With just a sentence in the search engine on the internet, a learner can access a wealth of information that will have taken years of study to compile.

With the positives comes the negatives or rather the fear of the unknown. People worry if the rapid spread of this viral technological revolution will not have grave adverse effects. Are we moving too fast? However, the question to be asked is whether we are willing to give up all this access for an unknown eventuality.

With technology also came blogging. Those who had no platform or voice now in an instant even with no face share their deep thoughts on the blogosphere.  With blogging also came opportunities for earning extra sources of income. People can now create a different path for themselves and stand head to head with the top players.

Technology has also given business a chance to reach a wider demography. Local businesses can now reach customers and even investors through their online visibility. Advertising has become more seamless and business models are now mapped solely for the internet. The resultant effect of all these is yet unknown. In the interim, we can maximize this opportunities that technology avails us.

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