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192-168-1-1 is an IP Address, many routers uses as a private IP address and An IP address stands for Internet Protocol address. An IP Address is like an identity card of any network hardware. This address allows the device to make a connection with any other device and communicate with it over an Internet Protocol based network like internet. This identity of a networked device differentiates it from any other device from any other network.

All you need to Know About Physical iP Address:

Most of us nowadays extensively use a device called “ROUTER”. Most of the Routers operate on the IP Address The rules those decide how to assign IP Address to the devices follows a very simple rule. There are ranges of IP Address those are reserved for various purposes. It is divided to three sections and the last section ranges from -  This range includes within itself. Setup router using, If the internet that you are using is configured and created by Linksys, then it will have as its IP Address. Sometimes this address can also be used by Cisco for its routers. IP address by Linksys is a Private IP Address. It plays a very important role in mitigating the complete usage of IPv4 address space while the user changes to IPv6. This is done by allowing many devices to share a single public IP. More than millions of devices share the same IP Address in the Private Ranges. The best part is, even when an address is repeatedly used by many devices; there is no conflict (as it is being used only for communication within their respective private networks).

HOW TO ACCESS THE ROUTER SETUP? IP Address is facilitated by Linksys Router. Link sys Router page can be accessed by it. This page can help to set up or change the wireless security, set or change network name or network security key. The steps to access the LinkSys Router Setup is as follows

  1. On LinkSys Router - Connect router to Computer by Ethernet Cable.
  2. Open Web Browser. Type in browser address. Press Enter.
  3. Enter username and password.
  4. Click on option “Wireless”. Set “Configuration View” to “Manual” to see the network name in use by your broadband network.
  5. Choose “Wireless Security” option. Make note of the “Security Mode” and “Passphrase” that’s in use. Or it’s not set yet, and then enter them.
  6. Log out of the Linksys router setup menu.

When that customer gets aggravated, telling him, “I am afraid, you will have to follow the procedure if you want to be attended to”, is only going to fan the flame. However, apologizing and offering a call back to get it resolved can make the customer happy in the event that there can be no immediate resolution. Showing empathy for a customer goes beyond churning out the right words. It takes actions, imagination, walking in their shoes and showing a desire to truly be of help. Reciting a few scripted apologies is not going to diffuse the situation if they are not accompanied by emotions and a sense of sympathy. A customer is not always right. That is the reality most of the time.


A customer service representative has no business driving home that point to the customer. It accomplishes nothing except make an already bad situation worse. Rather than focus on apportioning blame, the focus should be on the customer’s current feeling, listening to their hurts and understanding their anger. Human beings are defensive by nature. Once faced with an angry or aggressive situation, our immediate reaction is to close rank and protect our ego image. It takes a high level of discipline and professionalism for a customer service representative to put a tight leash on his emotions and address an aggressive customer with objectivity. There was a lot of competition for land and food in their midst.

When serving an aggrieved customer, a customer service representative must keep these things in mind;



  1. Listen actively without interrupting either by words, body language or actions.

  2. Show respect, be professional and keep your emotions in check.

Listed below are some empathy filled statements that can pacify an aggrieved customer:

  1. “Customer feedback is of utmost importance to us. We are always open to new suggestions. I will forward your observations to our management team ma’am”.

  2. “I sincerely apologize for the negative experience you have had. Please give me a chance to rectify this’’.

  3. “I absolutely understand how you feel. I have had the same experience before and I was equally upset”.

  4. “It is out of character for us to create such bad customer experiences. Please bear with us”.

With the right approach, a customer that was ready to downgrade or even close an account can be made to even buy more products. With the right tone, words and actions, customers can be given better experiences irrespective of the seeming irredeemable situation.



The Native Americans settled in North America and they were also known as Indians or the Aztecs. They were a population of Seven million people. However, within their tribe there was a lot of disunity and conflicts. They often used their captured enemies for religious sacrifices and did not form alliances with opposing tribes. That was the advantage the Spanish explorers also known as Cortés had over them. They had reliable alliances they had formed over time. They had the skills to process copper but could not smelt iron or create weapons and other objects for their daily use and protection. The Indians were enthralled by nature and enjoyed the things freely given by her. I remember as a child, I was often filled with questions that seemed endless of the mysteries of this world. Questions like how water falls from the sky. Questions that I thought were asked by only my inquisitive mind. With technology, I no longer feel alone. Typing the questions alone in the search engine tells me that thousands of people all over the world have the same train of thoughts as me and I can seek to ease my worrying mind. For every question asked, there are a plethora of answers to filter and choose from. There are now innumerable websites with varying articles on almost anything. Music and videos have become global as artistes can now have access to their fans all over the world not limited by distance. News from all over the world can now be accessed in an instant. We no longer have a hiding place.

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It was not long before famine invaded their land. Diseases began to spread and day in day out. A great number of them died in the hands of small pox having no resistance and immunity to these diseases strange to them and so freely passed to them by the Europeans. The Europeans began to force them into labour and daily they lost their lives and their numbers began to dwindle drastically. They had no prior knowledge of political and economic order and the Europeans crippled their land using their ignorance as a weapon. They were an extremely disunited people. How then could they form a resistance in disarray? They shared things freely amongst themselves. They were comfortable until the European adventurers came. They were not prepared. With joy and acceptance they took them in. Enthralled by their level of civilization and the things they had created with the abilities they lacked by themselves. They brought in cannon, steel knives, swords, brass kettle, muzzle loader, mirrors, hawk bells and they traded with them. They brought the concept of business to the Indians and they could not keep up. The adventurers began to cause destruction.

12 : 30

As they dwindled and began to fall as a people, they began to develop deep hatred for their invaders whom they had initially welcomed with open arms and their systems and ways of living. They hated that things were no longer shared freely and everything had become business. They hated that their invaders were insatiable in their desire for acquiring wealth. Above all, the Aztecs were repulsed that the invaders has no respect and tolerance for their customs. They found their sexual orientations, food habits and general way of living repugnant and below standard. Being attune to nature and all that it freely gave, the Indians found it strange that the invaders wanted to commercialize even the free gifts of nature; the abundance of beavers; the timber and even their copper. The North Americans had no resistance. They did not stand a winning chance against the highly enlightened, organized European invaders who were full of resources alien to them. They divided them with diseases and conquered them.

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